35th Reunion

Class of 1988

Class Leadership

Weekend Chairs
Anne Helms Marino and Mike Marino 
(Atlanta, GA) 

Philanthropy Chairs
Lori Manix Flowers and Joseph Flowers 
(Houston, TX) 

Sarratt Society Chair 
Robert Parish 
(Knoxville, TN) 

Attendance Chair 
Greg McGuire 
(Chattanooga, TN) 

Class Party Chair 
Rosalinda Mendez 
(Houston, TX) 

Join Reunion 2023 in Nashville!

November 2 - 5, 2023

Join us on campus as we welcome back classes ending in -3 and -8 for Reunion 2023! Reconnect with old friends, attend academic discussions led by prominent faculty, and renew your common bonds as Vanderbilt alumni.

Follow these steps to get ready for Reunion:

From Thursday's Kickoff Party to Friday's epic class parties, tailgating on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday, Reunion Weekend is full of opportunities to reconnect with friends and celebrate the Vanderbilt community.

  1. Register to Attend
    Reunion registration is open! Visit our Registration page for additional information. (P.S. If you know you are unable to attend Reunion Weekend, please let us know by sending regrets - and we hope to see you at a future Reunion!)
  2. Book Your Travel
    Find Reunion Hotel Blocks and make flight reservations as soon as possible, as Nashville is very busy in the fall. Note that Reunion is a four-day event and plan accordingly!
  3. Review Arrival Information
    Plan for your arrival to Reunion event by viewing the "Arrival Information" page for check-in locations, parking information and shuttle details - with more information to be added, so check back often!

  4. View the Reunion Weekend Schedule of Events
    See what we have in store by visiting the Main Schedule of Events, hosted by the Reunion Office. Be sure to check out "Additional Events" hosted by our campus partners, and "Greek Events" hosted by the Greek organizations. There are many opportunity to reminisce, remember and reconnect!
  5. Spread the Word
    Join the Class of 1988 Facebook page and the 1988 Class Book to invite your friends back to Reunion.

In Memoriam

  • Classmates

    Alexander C. McLeod
    Almose Alphonse Thompson II
    Andrew Parkes Grisham
    Andrew Siegfrid Anderson
    Arrold Nunn Martin
    Barbara L. Flexner
    Barry Mark Weinberg
    Beth Wilson Vige
    Beverly Frances Fuller MD
    Bruce Noel Mayes
    C. Scott Carter
    Changlin Song
    Charles W. Brown Jr.
    Christine B. Germino
    Cindy Melnick Sloop
    Clay Milling II
    Clinton P. Gilbreath
    Cynthia Hagen
    Danielle Golove Tooley
    David Gary Brock Sr.
    David Joseph Mooney
    Diane Jean-Marie Harlow
    Don Hall Grout
    Don Joseph McNay
    Donald Clayton Ramsey Jr.
    Donald Wheeler Campbell
    Douglas Hubert Long
    Douglas Stuart McNair
    Elizabeth B. Marney
    Eric Owen
    Eric Shea Longfellow
    Erin LaRue Richey
    Estes Arnathia Benson
    George Scott Hayworth
    George W. Hofman
    Geraldine Allen
    James Everett Townsend
    Jane Sedberry Jones
    Jeffrey Alan Dittelman
    Jennifer R. Graham
    Jodi Lin Haugland
    John David McAdams
    John E. Brady
    John Gilbert Stallings Jr.
    John Henry Goslin
    John Hicks McLean
    Joyce Polley Logan
    Karin Hart
    Kathryn Lynn Viravec
    Ketti Dalton Schoonover
    Kirk Edward Seufert
    Kyle Knox Anderson
    Lawrence Horace Moore
    Leah Yama P'Simer
    Mary Jane Morgan Bluth
    Matthew Ian Wahl
    Michael Edward Johnson
    Michael John Suty
    Olin Wray Smith
    Patricia Ann Fay
    Richard John Walton
    Robert Allen Musson
    Robert Craig Cooper
    Robert Wayne Bechtold
    Sandra Clayton Taylor Self
    Stacey Marie Anderson
    Stephen Bradford Harriet
    Sue Collins Miller
    Teresa Carol Whitehurst
    Teresa Lynn Brown Horton
    Thomas Coleman Strawn III
    Thomas David Kramer
    Thomas Maury Bernhardt
    Tony Scott Keller
    Vicki Hill
    W. Edward Robinson Jr.

Reunion Staff Contact

Kendall Rosati
Associate Director of Reunion and Class Engagement

(615) 936-2774
Meg Vaysben
Associate Director of Planned Giving
Sarratt Society Coordinator

(615) 936-3125

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