Give Back

When you make a gift in honor of Reunion, you’re contributing to the cumulative generosity of generations of Vanderbilt alumni. Gifts of all sizes help ensure that today’s students have the same incredible experience you had during your time at Vanderbilt.

You can designate your reunion gift to the area of your choice, such as your undergraduate school, scholarships, or athletics.

Reunion Gifts

Gifts of any size, made to any area, count toward your class fundraising goal. Gifts can include one-time gifts, five-year pledges, employer match gifts and planned gifts for the 30th-50th Reunions. All gifts must be made before December 31, 2022 to count towards your Reunion goal.

Reunion Cup

Each year the Reunion Cup is awarded to the class who performs best in the following categories based on the class goals:
  • Overall Class Giving Participation
  • Overall Class Attendance
  • Class Participation on Giving Day
  • Number of Class Volunteers
  • Class Volunteer Giving Participation
  • Class Volunteer Attendance
All 2022 Reunion classes (those ending in 2’s and 7’s from 1972 to 2017) will compete for this year’s Reunion Cup. The winner will be announced and recognized on the field during Vanderbilt’s Homecoming football game on Saturday, October 8. The winners of the 2020 Cup (Class of 1985) and the 2021 Reunion Cup (1981) will also be recognized on the field.

Class Goals

Class goals are set according to the guidelines below. A robust committee of Reunion Volunteers work alongside Vanderbilt staff coordinators to achieve these goals, the outcomes of which allow the class to stay connected with each other and the University, and continue strengthening Vanderbilt for generations to come.

Fundraising Goals are set by evaluating historical data on giving and participation for each class, as well as the performance of previous Reunion classes.

Attendance Goals are set by evaluating the number of alumni and guests who attended past Reunions, the average and maximum attendance for each Reunion class over the past ten years, and how many active classmates are in the class.

Volunteer Goals are set based on class size and the number of volunteers needed to contact 100% of the class. Reunion Chairs are included in the volunteer numbers. Note that "Active Alumni" refers to living alumni with a mailing address on file in our database

Reunion Year Class Of Active Alumni Giving Participation Goal Dollar Goal Volunteer Goal Attendance Goal
(alumni and guest)
50th 1972 721 42% $10,250,000 50 250
45th 1977 868 30% $3,200,000 30 125
40th 1982 1,091 27% $2,400,000 40 175
35th 1987 1,165 28% $7,500,000 40 225
30th 1992 1,159 32% $5,200,000 60 300
25th 1997 1,281 31% $4,200,000 70 400
20th 2002 1,354 27% $1,200,000 60 400
15th 2007 1,416 28% $250,000 50 400
10th 2012 1,558 30% $180,000 60 525
5th 2017 1,674 26% $50,000 65 500
  Total: 12,287 30% $34,430,000 525 3,300