Class Book FAQs

Reconnect and reminisce with classmates by joining your class book. You can view contact information, explore an interactive map of the cities where your classmates live, or search for people by shared interests, student organizations, or dorms. 
Questions about your BrightCrowd Class book? See our FAQ section below.
To access your class book visit your class page linked below!

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  • How do I create my Reunion Class Book page? Where is the digital book located?

    To join your class book, select your class above and click on the link to sign your Reunion Class Book. Enter your email address and follow the prompts to create your profile page.

  • When can I submit my Reunion Class Book page?

    All Class Books are now open for Reunion 2022. 

  • How do I edit my page after submitting it?

    Login to your Class Book and select "My Page" in the upper right corner. You can then edit your profile page, if you're having trouble, you can view a tutorial on editing your page here . 

  • When is the Reunion Class Book page deadline?

    There is no official deadline, but we recommend creating your profile as soon as possible to begin connecting with your classmates.

    Note: Class of 1970, 1971, and 1972 members will receive a hard copy of the Class Book following Reunion 2022. The deadline to contribute to the hard copy book will be communicated via email closer to the Reunion.

  • Can I submit my page via postal mail or email?

    Pages are only submitted electronically, however, the Reunion Office is happy to assist! Please contact us if you need assistance.

  • How many photographs can I upload to my page?

    You can upload one profile photo and up to 10 additional photos (jpg, tiff and png files).

    NOTE: The first and last name you entered for your page will appear immediately underneath your profile photo. If you enter a caption for the profile photo, it will only show when clicking on the overlaying graphic (the letter 'i') in the upper right of the profile photo. Captions entered for the additional photos will display immediately underneath those photos.

  • Can I tag friends in photos or memories?

    If a classmate has added a page to the class book, then you will be able to tag them in photos and/or memories. Classmates will receive an email update if they have been tagged in a photo or memory.

  • If we are married, can we submit a single Reunion Class Book page?

    Yes. When you are asked for your first name and last name, there is also an entry to add your spouse/partner's name.

  • How do I see where my classmates are living? Is there a map in the Class Book?

    Yes, there is a map! Login to your Class Book, scroll past the directory photos and select the "Browse by Location" button to see the interactive map. Hover your cursor over each "bubble" to see which classmates are living in that city.  (NOTE: To appear on the interactive map, you MUST enter your city into the "Where are you living?" question when creating your profile page. Start typing your city name, then select from the choices that auto-populate) 

  • I need additional assistance with my Reunion Class Book. Who can I contact?

    The Reunion Office would be happy to assist! Visit the Contact page.

  • Why can I see the books of other class years? I am not a member of that class.

    As we are uniquely celebrating a "Triple Reunion" in 2022, each class was given viewing privileges to see their Reunion "companion" classes, who are also celebrating that same anniversary (e.g. the Class of 1977, celebrating their 45th Reunion, will have editing privileges in their class book, and will also have viewing privileges to see the Class Books for 1975 and 1976, who are also celebrating their 45th Reunion).

    We hope this will allow you to connect with more friends both before and after Reunion Weekend!

  • Can couples use the same email?

    No, an email can only be used by one person to login. If a couple wants to have separate class book pages, they must use two different emails.

  • Why isn't my picture uploading?

    Please make sure you are not trying to upload a "live" photo from your phone. Best practice is to download the picture from your phone to your computer first, and make sure it is in a regular .jpg format to be uploaded.

Helpful Tips

  1. Add a photo to ensure your entry appears on the class landing page.

  2. You can always return to your profile to edit and add information.

  3. View your classmates by selecting "View Everyone" or "Directory."

  4. Use the search tool to find classmates with similar hobbies or those from your student organization, dorm, etc.

  5. Be sure to include your city in the "Where are you living?" question to be included on the interactive map!