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Reunion is a time to celebrate, reminisce and connect with fellow alumni. We are excited to be planning in-person events for Reunion 2023 to celebrate our 2023 School of Nursing Reunion classes. Our events are being planned in real time and virtual options will be available for some events.

For more than 100 years, the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing has been educating health care professionals, educators, and leaders. Today, VUSN is among the nation’s elite nursing schools-it should come as no surprise that in the most recent U.S. News & World Report rankings, our DNP program placed at No.7 and the MSN program ranked No. 8.

When you participate in Reunion giving, you’re adding to the legacy of generations of Vanderbilt School of Nursing alumni. Gifts of all sizes help ensure that today’s students are able to continue pushing the VUSN status to greater heights. Your gift will also put your class closer to achieving its Reunion fundraising goals.

Vanderbilt also recognizes donors of $2,500 (or $1000 for Graduates of the Last Decaced) or more with membership in the Julia Hereford Society. Learn more about the Julia Hereford Society.

For other ways to give back to VUSN including planned gifts, stocks and securities, and electronic bank drafts visit the Ways to Give page.

Current Class Giving

Class Participation Goal Current Participation Dollars Raised
1973 BSN / MSN 17% 18% $18,839.00
1978 BSN 15% 16% $7,443.00
1978 MSN 19% 12% $595.00
1983 BSN 10% 11% $23,520.00
1983 MSN 24% 18% $940.00
1988 BSN 17% 15% $1,450.00
1988 MSN 10% 5% $2,260.00
1993 MSN 13% 13% $11,826.78
1998 MSN 4% 2% $4,011.06
2003 MSN 6% 5% $3,260.00
2008 MSN 6% 5% $3,225.00
2013 MSN 3% 3% $1,685.00
2013 DNP 27% 19% $11,089.00
2018 MSN 4% 4% $5,544.00
2018 DNP 15% 12% $35,675.00
Quinqs 10% 16% $1,042,337.50
Total 9% 8.67% $1,173,700.34

Updated 1.5.24

What Counts as a Reunion Gift?

There are three ways to give -with a single, one-time gift, a five-year pledge or a planned gift. The full value of a multi-year pledge will be included in Reunion 2023 dollar goals. Planned gifts (e.g., documented bequests) count for the Classes of 1993, 1988, 1983, 1978, 1973, and all Quinqs. Remember, for VUSN Reunion, only gifts, pledges, and planned gifts to the School of Nursing count in participation and giving totals. Giving to the School of Nursing Annual Fund is encouraged, but you may designate your gift or pledge to any existing School of Nursing fund. Questions about Reunion Giving? Contact Us.