50th Reunion

Class of 1973

Class Leadership

Weekend Chair 
Scott Morrell 
(Memphis, TN) 

Philanthropy Chairs 
Margie and Bert Dale 
(Nashville, TN) 

Sarratt Society Chair 
John Beasley 
(Clarksville, TN) 

Attendance Chair 
Janet Schneider 
(Nashville, TN) 

Class Party Chairs 
Jeanne and Gino Marchetti 
(Nashville, TN) 

Social Media Chair 
Pat Nolan 
(Nashville, TN) 

Join Reunion 2023 in Nashville!

November 2 - 5, 2023

Join us on campus as we welcome back classes ending in -3 and -8 for Reunion 2023! Reconnect with old friends, attend academic discussions led by prominent faculty, and renew your common bonds as Vanderbilt alumni.

Follow these steps to get ready for Reunion:

From Thursday's Kickoff Party to Friday's epic class parties, tailgating on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday, Reunion Weekend is full of opportunities to reconnect with friends and celebrate the Vanderbilt community.

  1. Register to Attend
    Reunion registration is open! Visit our Registration page for additional information. (P.S. If you know you are unable to attend Reunion Weekend, please let us know by sending regrets - and we hope to see you at a future Reunion!)
  2. Book Your Travel
    Find Reunion Hotel Blocks and make flight reservations as soon as possible, as Nashville is very busy in the fall. Note that Reunion is a four-day event and plan accordingly!
  3. Review Arrival Information
    Plan for your arrival to Reunion event by viewing the "Arrival Information" page for check-in locations, parking information and shuttle details - with more information to be added, so check back often!

  4. View the Reunion Weekend Schedule of Events
    See what we have in store by visiting the Main Schedule of Events, hosted by the Reunion Office. Be sure to check out "Additional Events" hosted by our campus partners, and "Greek Events" hosted by the Greek organizations. There are many opportunity to reminisce, remember and reconnect!
  5. Spread the Word
    Join the Class of 1973 Facebook page and the 1973 Class Book to invite your friends back to Reunion.

50th Reunion at Commencement!

All members of the Class of 1973 who wish to do so will lead the new graduates into the commencement ceremony and into their new status as alumni. We, as well as the new graduates, will be celebrated with events special to our class. Register here!

Schedule of Events:

Thursday, May 11, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Welcome Reception in the Starstruck Gallery, Loews Hotel
2100 West End Ave. | Nashville, TN 37203

Hors d'oeuvres and refreshments will be provided. 

Complimentary Valet Parking will be available at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel. Ride share services may drop-off at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel Lobby entrance or hourly parking is available at the Terrace Place lot on 21st Avenue South. Attire is dressy casual.

Friday, May 12, 7:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Commencement and Celebratory Luncheon, Hillwood Country Club
6201 Hickory Valley Rd | Nashville, TN 37205

Meet at 7:30 a.m. at Hillwood Country Club and board shuttles to Vanderbilt Alumni Lawn for 9:00 a.m. commencement. Attire is business casual.

Following the ceremony, attendees will board shuttles to return to Hillwood for a celebratory luncheon at 11:00 a.m.

Commencement Schedule for 50th Reunion Class:
7:30 a.m. Arrive and park at Hillwood Country Club
7:45 a.m. Board shuttles to campus
9:00 a.m. Commencement ceremony begins
10:30 a.m. Board shuttles to return to Hillwood Country Club
11:00 a.m. Celebratory Luncheon (ending at approx. 12:30 p.m.)

View the Photo Gallery Here from last years Commencement Ceremony!

In Memoriam

  • Classmates

    Alice L. Jones
    Allan C. Peterson
    Allean McKnight Ussery
    Alston Jennings Jr.
    Andrew D. Coleman
    Angela Denise Winfrey
    Anne W. Nunamaker
    Annette Irwin Tidman
    Ansel B. McMakin
    Ara Baldridge Sanders
    Ardith Ann Mclafferty Zander
    Barbara Bushnell Charlton
    Barbara J. Lester
    Barbara Y. Higgins
    Barney James Reeves
    Bernardo C. Negrete
    Betsy D. Ross
    Betty Young McFall
    Bettye Mcginnis Poole
    Bro Paul David Nyquist
    Bruce E. Jones
    Bruce L. Decker
    C DeWitt Johnson
    Calvin D. Coleman
    Calvin R. Shaffer
    Candace Myers
    Carl E. Hegewald Jr.
    Carl Wingo Defibaugh
    Carla Crosby McClelland
    Carol Ann Bradley
    Carol Fretwell Wall
    Carol Massey Olson
    Carolyn Batey Fuller
    Charles E. Baldwin
    Charles R. Ray
    Charles Samuel Haun Jr.
    Charles William Gray
    Cherie Sadler Vogelfanger
    Cheryl Troup Blackburn
    Christine D. Shelly
    Claire B. McCarty
    Claire V. Morrison
    Claude C. Cody IV
    Clayton Morrell Jones
    Conrad Cyril Mehlenbacher IV
    Curtis Wilson Posey
    Daniel W. Muehlman
    Darrell C. McClain
    David A. Reese
    David F. Montoro
    David H. Martin Jr.
    David W. Pollard
    Deborah B. Bogart
    Deborah D. Ramey
    Deborah K. Smith
    Debra Lynn Bates
    Delmer Duane DeBoer
    Dennis W. Bryan
    Diamond Gregory Orlando
    Diane R. Verrett
    Diane Rubinoff Reynolds
    Dolores E. Boyd
    Dominic Verda
    Don Michael Beach
    Donald F. Heath
    Donald R. Henry
    Douglas Albert Veshio
    Douglas J. Bottomley
    Douglas S. Sandage
    E. Clifton Knowles
    Eddie E. Williams III
    Edgar L. Yandell Jr.
    Edward J. Pine III
    Edward S. Arnold
    Edwin G. Schmidt
    Elizabeth Campbell Daley
    Elizabeth Grissim Dozier
    Ella Vander Horst Tittler
    Ellen F. Terry
    Ellen J. Doermann
    Ellen Marie Ramp
    Elmer Eugene Helton
    Elzer Spence Chandler
    Emilie M. Bottiggi
    Emily S. Crandall
    Eunice A. Bell
    Faye Hilley Shaffer
    Frances Elsensohn Spees
    Frances Langford Flanders
    Frank E. Wier
    Franklin Delano Conley
    Fred A. Craig
    Frederick R. Folz Sr.
    G. Clarke Sanders
    Gavin K. Lodge Jr.
    Gayle Petrie
    George J. Viele
    George M. McMillan Jr.
    George Riecord White Jr.
    Gerald A. Bechman
    Glendon Bennett Powell
    Gregory Erle Strong
    Gregory W. Cobb
    Grover C. Grubbs
    Gwendolyn V. Smith
    H. Kenneth Dillon
    Harley Davis Patterson Jr.
    Harriet Anne Samuels Nelson
    Harry C. Niewald Jr.
    Henry L. Camp
    Henry Terry
    Horace W. Fleming Jr.
    Howard S. Rubin Jr.
    I. W. Elliott
    Imogene Simpson
    James A. Johnson Jr.
    James B. Lowenthal
    James C. Perry Jr.
    James D. Newsome Jr.
    James Dallas Walker
    James F. Bycott
    James J. Glover
    James M. Hunter
    James M. Phythyon
    James R. Andreas
    James R. Thomason Jr.
    James Robert Gwynn III
    James S. Rawlings MD
    James William Stewart Jr.
    Jane Ledwith Schaffler
    Janet G. Conlin
    Janet Ruth Ivey
    Jean Brown Huston
    Jean Hanlin Creswell
    Jeannette Gordon
    Jerry L. McGlone
    Jerry Thomas Wright Jr.
    Jesse Watson Hill
    Jim Bradford
    Joan Carol Criswell
    John A. Kearns
    John C. Schimmel
    John Edward Schneider
    John H. Judd Jr.
    John Jasper Barnes
    John K. Larkins Jr.
    John M.A. Dunn
    John Michael Rubenstein
    John P. Blazic
    John P. Mabry
    John R. Cattelino
    John R. Cook III
    John R. Rogers
    John Richard Petry
    John V. Barger III
    John W. Oldenburg
    John Wilfred Bonds Jr.
    Jon Syfrit Stewart
    Joseph D. Bishop
    Joyce Stricklin Stiff
    Juan H. Moldau
    Judith Fayne Deeds
    Julia Jane Walker
    Julie Kay Jones
    June Davis Boaz
    K. Kimball McKee
    Karen E. Kennon-Gutowsky
    Karen Jan Kraemer Jauschnegg
    Karina Lichirie Miller
    Katherine S. James
    Kathy Coleman Hicks
    Keith A. Kensinger
    Kenneth Eugene Zaleski
    Kenneth L. Saucier
    Kristin Mary Lopez
    L. Frank Emerson Jr.
    L. Lydel Sims
    Lance B. Hattendorf
    Larry L. Copeland
    Larry L. Redden
    Larry Richard Compton
    Lawrence J. Pass
    Lawrence Roger Anderson
    Lawrence Tait Jones
    Leo G. Perdue
    Leslie Sheldon Johnston
    Linda Evelyn Newman
    Linda Sims Baer
    Linda T. Brown
    Lona Davis Spencer
    Louisa Schillinger Papaccio
    Louise E. Bowers
    Lynn Lawrie Jones
    Marcia Porter Hill
    Margaret L. Jones
    Marie Louise Wheaton
    Mark A. Dumdei
    Mark B. Anderson
    Mark R. Von Sternberg
    Martha Elizabeth Carroll
    Martha H. Saine
    Martin D. Adams
    Martina K. Makela
    Mary Cromartie McKenzie
    Mary Davis Halliwell
    Mary E. Chaffin
    Mary Frances Watts
    Mary Gibbs Kuck
    Mary Lynnette Masters
    Maureen S. Minch
    Melinda Mayfield Stone
    Michael A. Weiss
    Michael Andrew Urda
    Michael E. Green
    Michael Irving Berger
    Michael R. Cooper
    Mildred Lucille Wingert
    Morris I. Beers
    Nancy Carol Griffin
    Nancy J. Leith
    Pat Fitzgibbons-Struttman
    Patricia Ann Palumbo
    Patricia Faye Climer
    Patrick J. McHale
    Paul Castor
    Paul R. Hudak
    Paul W. Borgeson Jr.
    Paula Lynch Arnold
    Pauline M. Todd
    Peggy Estes Baker
    Penelope Beaumont Berger
    Penny S. Bosman
    Perry Harvey Biddle Jr.
    Peter Lewis Strickland
    Peter Michel Lustre
    Pyddney K. Jones
    Quentin C. Laprad
    Ralph M. Platt
    Randolph B. Jones
    Randolph Hudson Millar
    Randolph Spencer Laks
    Ray C. Gingerich
    Raymond D. Davis
    Rebecca Thomas Keene
    Reuben H. Green
    Richard A. Buerger
    Richard A. Walker
    Richard Allen Iacino
    Richard B. Gormly
    Richard C. Cooper
    Richard C. Huckaba III
    Richard G. Volpe
    Richard H. Sforzini Jr.
    Richard John Davis
    Richard Paul Brinker
    Robert B. Bressler
    Robert C. Downie Jr.
    Robert E. Higgins
    Robert F. Stonerock Jr., MD
    Robert H. Crumby
    Robert L. Patterson
    Robert N. Hendrickson
    Robert W. Sullivan
    Roberta Robinson Dabney
    Rollins Otto Mahony III
    Ronald Alan Romeis
    Ronald F. Floyd
    Ronald Len George
    Ruth L. Newland PhD
    Ruth Phelps Bolton
    Sally Barrett Williamson
    Samuel W. Bartholomew Jr.
    Sandra W. Davis
    Sanford M. Roth
    Sara Ellen Burch
    Sharon Smith Hembree
    Shelley I. Stiles III
    Stephan M. Jernigan
    Stephen Anthony Gaye
    Stephen J. Knopf
    Stephen Nathan Whisenhunt
    Steve M. Hays
    Steven A. Kent
    Stuart H. Wolf
    Susan Ann Selig
    Susan Minor Dorris
    Terry A. Marshall
    Thomas A. Pirtle III
    Thomas C. Caldwell
    Thomas K. Clark
    Thomas L. Wright
    Thomas M. Newman
    Thomas William Fox
    Virgie Alcorn Evans
    Virginia Duncan Pope
    Virginia H. Bradberry
    W. Robert Nixon Jr.
    Wayne F. Jacobs
    Wayne H. Harrington
    Wendy W. Martin
    Wilburn Clay Jones
    William A. Smith
    William Chappell Sanborn
    William Cosby Morgan Jr.
    William D. Burrows
    William D. Haffner
    William Fulton Connor
    William H. Vogt
    William Hal Blair
    William Horace Wood
    William J. Chadwick
    William N. Browning
    William O. Geny
    William R. Riddle PhD
    William Sanders
    William W. Hunt
    William W. Morris

Reunion Staff Contact

Lizzy Holt
Associate Director of Reunion and Class Engagement

(615) 343-4311
Meg Vaysben
Associate Director of Planned Giving
Sarratt Society Coordinator

(615) 936-3125

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