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Reunion: Medicine

Medical Alumni Reunion Updates

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Reunion Updates

Welcome Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (VUSM) Alumni to our Vanderbilt Medical Alumni Association (VMAA) Reunion Updates Website — your complete location for VUSM and VU Reunion News.

VUSM Reunion 2016 - October 20th - 22nd     Special Anniversary Classes

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine has celebrated reunions on a biennial “even year” scheduled since 1990.  In keeping with the established even year schedule, our next VUSM Reunion will be held October 20th-22nd 2016 in conjunction with VU’s  2016 Homecoming /Reunion weekend.   While all VUSM alumni are invited to participate in every medical reunion, graduating classes ending in 0, 1, 5, and 6 will celebrate “special” 5/10 year anniversaries at Reunion 2016.  In addition, the Classes of 1966 and 1967 will celebrate their 50th Quinq Anniversary. See the chart below for a complete list of VUSM Reunion 2016 Special Anniversary Classes.


Preview: Reunion 2016 Weekend Schedule

Click here to preview our VUSM Reunion 2016 Weekend Agenda.


Vanderbilt Medical 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award:  Nominations are now open

While Vanderbilt University School of Medicine’s (VUSM’s) Reunion 2016 is over a year away, we are actively soliciting nominations for our 2016 Vanderbilt Medical Distinguished Alumni Award.  All Vanderbilt medical alumni are cordially invited to submit nominations.  This award, conferred biennially during medical reunion festivities, is the highest honor bestowed by the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.  Click to see eligibility criteria and past award winner. 

Click for our VMAA on-line submission form or to print a mail in form.


VU’s Homecoming/Reunion 2015


VUSM Medical Education Opportunities for VU Homecoming/Reunion Participants

Are you celebrating a VU undergraduate reunion in 2015 (October 22nd - 24th)?  While VUSM is not celebrating a reunion in 2015, we welcome our VU alumni back to campus. If you are a physician, we have some wonderful educational activities (many with CME credit) available for all VU alumni returning to campus for the 2015 Homecoming/Reunion Weekend. Whether you earned your MD degree at VUSM, or another medical school, visit our Friday, October 23rd Grand Rounds and Conferences for some great specialty specific education. 

Not a physician but you or a son/daughter/grandchild is interested in learning more about the life of first year Vanderbilt medical student? VUSM’s Homeostasis Course Friday, Oct. 23rd 2015, 8-10 am provides a unique opportunity to sample the rigors of a medical school course.  All VU alumni and guests are cordially invited to attend VUSM’s Homeostasis Class (topic for Oct. 23rd 2015 tba).  Stay for a little or for the whole two hours. Listen and learn. Our faculty and students welcome you but please enter/exit quietly.

Click here for a complete list of VU Homecoming Weekend 2015 VUSM educational offerings

VU 2015 Homecoming/Reunion website; Click here for a complete schedule and registration information.