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Reunion: Medicine

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Dear Vanderbilt Medical Alumni,

Our first day of medical school represented our entry into a lifelong fellowship devoted to learning and teaching. Following graduation, our careers took various paths—research, teaching, patient care, administration, or some combination thereof. We will always share, however, a vital, common experience dating from our launches into biomedical science.

Reunion 2014 affords us the opportunity to return to our roots, to celebrate new Quinq Society members, to honor distinguished alumni, and to learn firsthand about new developments in basic and clinical science as well as in the curriculum of our School of Medicine.

We can check in with our mentors, reminisce with our classmates, and visit the ever evolving medical campus. Consider these highlights of Reunion 2014 and mark your calendar now for a very special experience designed by the Vanderbilt Medical Alumni Affairs (VMAA) staff.

Reunion Highlights:

  • Thursday, October 9, 2014; Golf Outing; Welcome Reception/Awards Dinner
  • Friday, October 10, 2014; Breakfast; Keynotes; Quinq Inductions; Luncheons; Class Parties
  • Saturday, October 11, 2014; Breakfast, Plenary Session; Tailgate; Homecoming Football Game

Your presence will renew old memories and build new ones.

With best wishes,
Clif Cleaveland
VMAA Board President and VUSM Reunion 2014 Chair

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    Reunion 2014 Anniversary Classes Class Social Chairs
    Quinq Plus 1963 and earlier Robert H. Alford, M.D.
    50th 1964 James O. Finney, Jr., M.D.
      1965 Charles E. Mayes, Sr., M.D.
    45th 1968 James S. Price, M.D.
    and Robert A. Sewell, M.D.
      1969 William J. Anderson, M.D.
    40th 1973 John (“Dick”) H. Dixon, Jr., M.D.
    and Edwin B. Anderson, Jr., M.D.
      1974 Brian R. Carlson, M.D.
    35th 1978 Douglas C. Heimburger, M.D., M.S.
      1979 James M. Kleinert, M.D.
    and Peter C. Rawlings, M.D.
    30th 1983 Daniel L. Phillips, M.D.
      1984 Thomas C. Naslund, M.D.
    25th 1988 Thomas S. Johnston, M.D.
      1989 Jan Lewis Brandes, M.D.
    20th 1993 Steven R. Norris, M.D.
    and Bradley J. Stoneking, M.D.
      1994 Chetan R. Mukundan, M.D.
    15th 1998 Laura L. Lawson, M.D.
      1999 James (“Huck”) A.S. Muldowney, M.D.
    10th 2003 Kristin Ehst Martel, M.D.
    and Morgan F. McDonald, M.D.
      2004 Dana D. Verner, M.D.
    Michael H. Hooper, M.D.
    J.P. Norvell, M.D.
    and Sarah E. Ramos, .D.
    5th 2008 Jonathan A. Kropski, M.D.
      2009 Michael N. Young, M.D.

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Reunion 2012 Photos

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