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Play a role in your Reunion

Volunteers are integral to the success of Reunion. You know best how to rally your classmates to return to campus and how to ask them to join you in making a contribution to Owen. Volunteers are the front line in communications with Owen alumni, and your personal connection makes a big difference. With your help, alumni will come back and give back.

Reunion volunteering

Help make your Reunion a success by volunteering in one of the following ways:

  • Come Back and Give Back: Register for Reunion events and make a gift to Owen in honor of your Reunion.
  • Serve on a Reunion committee: Having a committee of your classmates to help with personal outreach ensures that each member of your class receives a personal message about Reunion. Our office will provide you with a list of potential volunteers and will work with you to secure a robust committee.
  • Keep in touch: Keep us updated on your progress and efforts and let us know of any changes in contact information.

If you are interested in helping with your Reunion, please fill out the form below, email Chandler MacDonald or call (615) 322-4760.