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Reunion Giving


Dear VUSM alumni,

I've seen a lot of changes in medicine in the almost 50 years since I graduated. Procedures that were once deemed impossible are now routine. We are curing diseases that were once fatal. No one knows what the next 50 years will bring—but we can rest assured that Vanderbilt will be on the leading edge of medical discovery.

As General Fundraising Chair for Reunion 2018, I urge you to make a gift in honor of our Reunion. Your support can play a vital role in the lives of our students and the future of health care. Gifts of all sizes combine to advance our programs, recruit and retain expert faculty, fund groundbreaking research and provide a new generation of students with the opportunity to pursue their dreams to make a difference as physicians and researchers. If you've already made a Reunion gift, thank you.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in October. Please don't wait to make your travel plans—Nashville is one of the country's top destinations and hotels fill up quickly.

Best regards,

Bill Anderson, BA'65, MD'69
General Fundraising Chair
VUSM Reunion 2018


Current Standings

Class Year Amount Raised Current Participation Participation Goal Donors Remaining 
to Reach Goal
1968 $140,972 73% 60% -6
1969 $728,590 49% 45% -1
1972 $61,301 42% 49% 4
1973 $13,455 28% 41% 7
1977 $12,611 30% 35% 4
1978 $410,792 47% 46% 2
1982 $47,755 35% 31% -3
1983 $15,316 20% 27% 6
1987 $59,550 35% 34% -1
1988 $31,766 35% 38% 3
1992 $41,145 29% 34% 5
1993 $64,685 40% 40% 0
1997 $41,300 37% 37% 0
1998 $28,578 40% 33% -7
2002 $11,235 21% 25% 4
2003 $10,595 13% 26% 12
2007 $33,106 26% 22% -5
2008 $9,201 26% 25% -1
2012 $12,637 26% 28% 1
2013 $2,277 21% 25% 5
Quinq Plus $1,563,940 40% 42% 20
Total $3,341,811 33% 35% 45

Updated January 14, 2019

What counts as a Reunion gift?

Any outright gift (cash or securities), matching company gift, payment on a pledge or new multiyear pledge made between January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2018, will count toward the Reunion class giving total and participation rate. The total amount of a multiyear pledge counts in the overall class total. For example, if you pledge $2,500 per year for five years, the total pledge of $12,500 will be counted in your class Reunion gift total. Also, planned gifts (e.g., documented bequests) count for the Classes of 1988, 1987, 1983, 1982, 1978, 1977, 1973, 1972, 1969, 1968 and all Quinqs.

Do gifts to other areas of Vanderbilt count?
Only gifts, pledges, and planned gifts to the School of Medicine count in participation and giving totals. You can designate your Reunion gift to any existing School of Medicine Fund. Below are the most common funds that VUSM alumni choose to support.

VUSM Annual Fund
Annual Fund gifts support all aspects of the School of Medicine, such as research opportunities for both students and faculty and scholarships to recruit the best and brightest students. They are used immediately to address new needs and opportunities each academic year. Annual Fund gifts sustain the VUSM we know and love on a day-to-day basis and provide the foundation for continued success. Each year, VUSM relies on gifts to the Annual Fund from alumni, parents, and friends to meet the current needs of the school’s students, faculty and programs.

VUSM Endowed Class Scholarships
Increasing scholarship support is essential in order to compete with other top tier medical schools for the most talented medical students. The average debt of medical students in the Class of 2015 was $134,376. Among the nation’s top 10 private research medical schools ranked by U.S. News & World Report, Vanderbilt has the lowest tuition. Through class scholarship giving, alumni honor their own Vanderbilt experiences while helping ensure the success of medical students of today and tomorrow.  

White Coat Scholarship Fund

Gifts to the White Coats Fund sponsor white coats for our students, as well as fund School of Medicine student initiatives, student organizations, the wellness program, and a new program to support student national conference attendance.

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