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About Reunion Giving

What counts as a Reunion gift?

When you participate in Reunion giving, you’re adding to the cumulative generosity of generations of Vanderbilt Law School alumni. Gifts of all sizes help ensure that today’s students have the same incredible experience that you had. With a gift, you also put your class closer to achieving its Reunion fundraising goals.

Vanderbilt recognizes its most loyal donors with membership in the Oak Leaf Society. Membership is attained after the second year of consecutive giving.  Learn more  about the Oak Leaf Society, including information about buying back years. 

Any outright gift (cash or securities), matching company gift, payment on a pledge, or new multiyear pledge made between July 1, 2017, and December 31, 2018, will count toward the Reunion class giving total. To be counted in Reunion 2018 participation totals, the gift or first pledge payment must be received by December 31, 2018. The full value of multiyear pledges will be included in Reunion 2018 dollar totals. Also, planned gifts (e.g., documented bequests) factor into a class' total for the classes of 1988, 1983, 1978, 1973, 1968.

Most Reunion gifts are unrestricted to the Law School’s Annual Fund, but you may designate your gift to the area of the Law School that matters most to you—to a student organization or journal that meant a lot to you during your time as a student or to a scholarship fund that changes the lives of current students or to a scholarship fund.

Thank you for supporting Vanderbilt Law School!

Current standings

Class Year Current Gifts
& Pledges
# of Donors Current Participation
(as of 2/12/2018)
Participation Goal Donors Remaining
to Reach Goal
1968 $20,049 24 23% TBD TBD
1973 $220,965 51 38% TBD TBD
1978 $71,450 39 28% TBD TBD
1983 $42,805 29 18% TBD TBD
1988 $51,688 35 20% TBD TBD
1993 $3,855 13 7% TBD TBD
1998 $5,930 15 9% TBD TBD
2003 $5,837 11 6% TBD TBD
2008 $3,080 19 9% TBD TBD
2013 $7,155 14 7% TBD TBD
Total $432,816 250 15% TBD

 Updated February 26, 2018

Questions about Reunion giving?

Please contact Rachael Phillips, associate director of volunteer outreach for Vanderbilt Law School, at or (615) 322-0814.