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Mini Reunions

Traditionally Vanderbilt Reunion has focused on class parties, football and educational events. Now we want to make your experience even more meaningful with Mini Reunions—a program that helps you find your closest friends, classmates or any other group with which you share a common connection. It might be friends from your first-year residence hall, fraternity or sorority members, or co-workers from a student organization.

Whatever the common connection may be, we would like to help you reconnect with one another.

Q: What is a Mini Reunion?

Mini Reunions are informal, social gatherings of alumni during Reunion weekend. Mini Reunions can reconnect Greek organizations, athletic teams, intramural/club sports teams, service organizations, study abroad groups, or whatever group is most meaningful to you. It can be as large or as small as you want. They are a great way to reunite with the people who made your college experience memorable.

Q: How can I plan a Mini Reunion?

We can help you! Planning a Mini Reunion is easy, all you need to do is: Decide where and when you would like your group to meet during Reunion weekend. Organize logistics (location, food, drinks, etc.) for your event, as this applies to the type of gathering you are coordinating. Request a list of members of your group from Alumni Relations (see contact information below). Tell us about your plans so we can help you publicize your event through email reminders, post cards and the Reunion website.

For more information about planning a Mini Reunion, please email Beth Melendez in the alumni relations office or call (615) 936-0817.

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For more information about planning a Mini Reunion, please call (615) 936-0817 or email Beth Melendez at

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